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Thank you for visiting the APR Calculator. This calculator is best suited for transactions ranging from $10,000 – $150,000, that start with one month up front. This will not be accurate on formats that ask for several payments up front or a percentage down payment (such as 10%). If you have a more complex structure, feel free to contact us for more information and we would be happy to help.

This calculator is aimed at empowering you to better understand finance offerings and to help ensure information provided to you is accurate.

Please provide the three variables requested below and with correct information inputted, it should provide you with the APR.

Equal Installment APR calculation

The below APR calculator is for straight equal installment formats that do not have additional advance payments, upfront payment or down payments

Calculate Monthly option based on APR

This calculator will generate a monthly installment based on the total invoice value, number of months and the specific APR that you want to offer.

Find total loan value based on monthly customer budget

This is a great calculator for salespeople. Instead of guessing how much a customer can afford and the size of the project you should offer them, ask them what their monthly budget for the project is. You can then estimate the total value of your project and work backwards to create what you should offer them.

For instance, if a customer indicates they can afford $2,000 a month for the project in discussion and you can determine that you can offer the a project valued around $62,893.61 over 36 months or $80,369.56 over 48 months. This is a valuable sales tactic when you are skilled at offering projects based on the bite size amount a customer can afford on the monthly budget, over selling a full project cost that can sometime be intimidating or lead to cost objections.

APR with advance payment

This is an APR calculator for when a customer may have a upfront payment such as 10% down or in some cases they may make 2 – 3 payments up front. This APR calculator helps generate an APR that takes into consideration complex payment structures.

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