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Vendor Partners

Become our vendor partner – and help your customers grow – with our equipment financing options!

We invite equipment resellers to become our vendor partners, and become a part of a intriguing experience.

As a reseller, we help you support customers in making stress-free purchases – by giving them access to credit solutions.

Chances are, you’re backing off either due to inherent risk factors or weary of dedicating your resources to the evaluation of applications.

When you partner with us, you get the chance to integrate robust funding options into your platform – while we take care of the associated challenges.

We extend flexible and affordable financial solutions to your customers – and provide purchasing power to your customers!

Why Should You Offer Financing?

  • Boost Sales
  • Increase the Average Order Value of Your Product
  • Improves Cash Flow
  • Attracts New Customers
  • Repeat Business
  • Attractive Tax Advantage (Including Section 179 accelerated depreciation)

Vendor Finance Programs with BizFi – 

The knowledge to support your team and the tools to make it easy.

·      Mobile ready quote tools

·      White label applications

·      API integrations

·      Team and customer analytics

What We Offer:

Complete Support

We offer complete support to your customers at every step of getting funding opportunities. Our customer care team is equipped to handle all the needs of your customers – right from the point of application.

Tailored Funding Options

We understand the needs of every customer and offer them financial tools to help grow their business and meet their cash flow needs so that they don’t have to delay their purchase from you.

Flexible Partnership

Our ultimate goal is your success and comfort – and as our vendor partner, you will get customized services from us. We ensure that we match your needs as you close more sales.


We can provide a webinar for your whole sales team to better upskill them as to the best strategies to sell more equipment faster and easier, with attractive low monthly options.

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