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Modern solutions for equipment sellers

Modern solutions for equipment sellers!

We are so excited about helping equipment sellers to sell more equipment we created a new product. We thought the products were so exciting we created a new brand just for our “Sellers” channel.

This is how was born. We help “Amplify” your sales team so they can sell more equipment, increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction, all while getting time back.

We provide you the products to let your buyers have an easy seamless experience!

We invite equipment resellers to become our vendor partners, and become a part of a intriguing experience.

As a reseller, we help you support customers in making stress-free purchases – by giving them access to credit solutions.

Chances are, you’re backing off either due to inherent risk factors or weary of dedicating your resources to the evaluation of applications.

When you partner with us, you get the chance to integrate robust funding options into your platform – while we take care of the associated challenges.

We extend flexible and affordable financial solutions to your customers – and provide purchasing power to your customers!

Why Should You Offer Financing?

  • Boost Sales
  • Increase the Average Order Value of Your Product
  • Improves Cash Flow
  • Attracts New Customers
  • Repeat Business
  • Attractive Tax Advantage (Including Section 179 accelerated depreciation)

Vendor Finance Programs with BizFi – 

The knowledge to support your team and the tools to make it easy.

·      Mobile ready quote tools

·      White label applications

·      API integrations

·      Team and customer analytics

What We Offer:

Custom “Finance Solution” landing pages to drive engagement

Easy to embed point-of-sale products, engage customers and increase application volumes.

Custom Online Applications 

Our one-of-a-kind online application highlights you brand and automates customer submission.

Instant buyer feedback and next steps

The only online application is providing your buyer with immediate feedback and clear next steps. We also allow buyers to securely connect their bank account or submit documents through a secure portal in the first moments after submitting an application.

Document recognition

We are using our own document identification system. Automated document recognition saves hours of time. It allows for faster approvals, shortened sales cycles, and happier customers.

Finance Quote Platform

The only revenue-generating sales platform for engaging with finance options, whether in the field, at expos, or back in your office at the end of the day. We built this team with the kind of salespeople in the field who go to meet their clients every day. Don’t wait to get back to your office to engage with finance. Engage while you are still customer-facing. We make it easy.

Section 179 – Our quotes offer a Section 179 representation that is aimed at helping your team overcome cost objections.

Leadership Dashboards – We have a dashboard for sales leaders and management to see team and buyer progress in real-time.

Custom marketing materials – Marketing, we are not just a finance company; we are a marketing strategy with embedded products to give you new power to outreach to your buyers and powerful embedded products for them to engage with

Sale training – We provide webinars or in-person training on “the best ways to sell more equipment using finance.” We don’t just provide the best products for selling equipment available; we provide the strategy and training to make the most of them as well.

Integrations – We integrate directly into your CRM to automatically send updates to your team. We save time while increasing impact. Contact us to find out more.

**… Not only are we beating the industry standard, we are breaking them.…Defining the industry standard of service since 2022.









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