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Vendor Partners

Vendor Partners – Customer finance programs for vendors, equipment resellers & dealers. 

By vendor partner or “reseller” we are referring to anyone who sells equipment in the United States or Canada, whose customers can benefit from a finance option to help spread the costs of buying equipment.

This could also mean a dealer or reseller of vehicles, trucks or trailers.

Equipment Finance accounted for almost 60% of all equipment finance in the US in 2019. Thats is nearly $900B worth of equipment, meaning that approximately another $600B of equipment was paid for in cash.

Why Should You Offer Financing?

  • Boost Sales
  • Increase the Average Order Value of Your Product
  • Improves Cash Flow
  • Attracts New Customers
  • Repeat Business
  • Attractive Tax Advantage (Including Section 179 accelerated depreciation)

Vendor Finance Programs with BizFi – 

The knowledge to support your team and the tools to make it easy.

·      Mobile ready quote tools

·      White label applications

·      API integrations

·      Team and customer analytics


We can provide a webinar for your whole sales team to better upskill them as to the best strategies to sell more equipment faster and easier, with attractive low monthly options.

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