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Equipment Finance

An equipment lease agreement is a contractual agreement where the lessor, who is the owner of the equipment, allows the lessee to use the equipment for a specified period in exchange for periodic payments.
Oil magnate Paul Getty once said, “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.” Leasing depreciating assets makes sense. We support a wide variety of equipment over terms from 12 months to 84. With fast easy approvals, we are here to help you get the equipment you need for your business.

Working Capital

Working capital is a great product to help you increase your cash flow to meet short term needs. Working capital is fast, easy and unsecured. If you recently won a new contract and need capital to reach new heights, working capital could be the solution for you. Unexpected expenses, we have you covered.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice finance let you put your receivables to work for you. Unlock funds tied up in invoices so you can run and grow your business. Up to 90% of the invoice value can be recouped, fees are deducted when the invoices are rectified by your partners. This is an opportunity to improve cash flow, make payroll, engage new opportunities or deal with unanticipated expenses.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is a great fit for businesses that need capital and have regular credit card receivables as an anchor of their business. An “MCA” offers a lump sum of capital that can be available quickly and is recouped over time using a small percentage of daily credit card or checking account transactions. This is not considered a loan, as it is based on the business’s future receivables, discounted over time.

Business Credit Card

Business lines of credit have a ton of flexibility, drawdown only what you need, and only pay interest on what the business uses while leaving reserve for future business needs. As you repay the funds that have been drawn down, credit again becomes available for use as needed. It is a great facility for managing cash flow, purchasing inventory, and staying prepared for any surprise expenses that could pop up for the business. Typically secured on business credit and without additional assets as security, you can usually qualify for a business line of credit with a wide range of credit scores.
Business Credit Card

Term Loans

A term loan is a capital loan secured with the business’s credit and/or business assets, that is repaid in regular payments over a set period of time. A term loan typically has a fixed interest rate and is paid back over a number of years. A term loan may be right for you if you are expanding, consolidating debt or are interested in a fixed monthly investment to help with the business cash flow.


This is a business loan backed by the Small Business Administration. While anyone can apply for an SBA loan, they can be hard to get approved, take time and thorough submission of materials. If your business has the time, an approved SBA has a preferred rate and duration that is very helpful to new and existing businesses. Our dedicated specialists will help you navigate the protracted process and comprehensive submission needed to achieve approval.
Venture Capital/Project Finance

Venture Capital/Project Finance

Not every business plays “in the box.” As a startup or venture capital style business, another equity raise may dilute your share of the business ownership unnecessarily. Debt finance can be a solution for businesses with confidence in the product, business model, and concept. If you have revenues, existing assets and are committed to making your business succeed…Call us to see if your unique story can help to secure the finance you need to grow a business.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property, also called commercial real estate, investment property or income property, is real estate intended to generate a profit, either from capital gains or rental income. Whether you are buying a new property or looking to get capital out of an existing one, we have flexible programs to help suit your needs. Properties can also be used as an asset for shorter-term loans and asset-based purchases.


Commercial Real Estate

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