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We regularly work with mentorship programs and mentees. Feel free to contact us with interest.

We are also accepting interns who are interested to get more experience with marketing, development and sakes.

Business Development, a leading fintech innovator in the small business lending space, is seeking exceptional founding business development partners, with a record of delivering results and a talent for developing lasting relationships.

We are looking to grow our team of part-me, commission only 1099 salespeople and are also looking for the right talent to lead and motivate this team.

1099 sales positions are remote, flexible and impactful for the right individuals interested to leverage their sales skills to earn more revenue.

This opportunity is intended for high-impact, results-oriented, self-starters who know how to make the sales grind work for them. can offer you the embedded finance products to help you stand out. We help with marketing and lead generation to support the objectives of customer pipeline growth and closing deals.



Our sales team is goal-driven and collaborative. As we continue to grow and expand our sales team, we aim to ensure that each team member is well rewarded and provided with ample opportunity to leverage their strength for mutual benefit.


We are on an accelerated growth trajectory. Early-stage employees, seize the opportunity to grow with us, help us to set up best practices, while developing a robust, scalable sales framework for our organisation.


Bringing gig work to the finance space. This role provides the flexibility to work remotely and to have flexible hours. Business finance demands availability during business hours, though can benefit from strategic and consistent part- or full-time hours.

INNOVATION is on the cutting edge of innovation in the financial services space. Join us and be part of an impactful journey to provide the best experience available in our space.

We are looking to deploy our unique embedded finance products in a target rich environment. Receive revenue from any and all embedded artefacts that you can deploy with buyers, borrowers, sellers and brokers.

With, you don’t need years of experience to understand how to sell equipment finance and working capital. Our system makes finance easy, does all the heavy lifting.

Looking for motivate, sales focused individuals hungry to earn money with the free time they have available.

Co-Founders is looking for impactful cofounders to help us ‘x’ our trajectory.

There are several skillsets that could be impactful in exchange for revenue and equity.

Marketing, development, sales leadership, and Investor engagement/fund raising.

We are early stage, in the trenches. If you are ready to work hard in exchange for a rare, fun, exciting, opportunity to offer ground breaking impact an antiquated industry.

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